Hub for Iranian students

Think out of the box. Be creative, innovative and experience the education of the Netherlands and in particular the Technical Universities . First find out all about the Netherlands and Dutch academic ways in a special introductory course. And then attent well-prepared a state-of-the-art open day. What better way to enhance your chances of an international career?

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Hub for Iranian students

Gateway to European universities for Iranian students

CEO Rudy Lion Sjin Tjoe

As a professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht I would like to share my experience and knowledge of Dutch academic life by acquainting foreign students with the superb opportunities at Dutch universities for experiencing top-of-the-bill research and training, plus the latest developments in innovation.

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The Netherlands provide students with a safe environment in order to fully focus to comply with the request of their studies.


November 14 - 25 2017


Introduction to the Netherlands

Open Days at 3 Dutch Universities

Certificate Course in Academic English

  1. Courses are in the English language.
  2. Very experienced professors from all over the world will provide you with the latest learning, research and innovate and even startup during their study their own start-up companies.
  3. This creative environment provides students every opportunity to develop the ultimate skills and to apply them in our fast knowledgedriven world.
  4. The total frame of the education has as basics artificial intelligence in conjunction with robotica and profiling by algorithms.
  5. Hub for Iranian Students and associated universities do not grant scholarships.

Our organization will always comply with the request of the student in order to develop their skills at the highest possible abilities.

  1. Basic assistance in acquiring a student visa for the Netherlands.
  2. Introduction to the basic administration obligations with the local government.
  3. Registering with the best universities.
  4. Introduction to campus and social environment.
  5. Housing and other requirements to make living conditions comfortable.
  6. An introduction to the local language and culture.
  7. In case of special requirements we will do our utmost to comply with students' requests.
We provide:
  1. an all-in package
  2. and the all-in package with special features


All-in package
  1. The intensive introductory course to the Netherlands and the Dutchmi university educational system.
  2. Personal coaching and academic learning experience.
  3. Practising writing a motivational letter and a research proposal.
  4. 24/7 personal assistance in the Netherlands.
  5. Providing with information of registration with the universities.
  6. Assistance in requiring a student visa for the Netherlands.
  7. Flight to and from Amsterdam
  8. Housing accommodation
  9. Travel transportation to the universities.

€ 5,995

All prices are subject to change according to local law and conditions.